Drone Payo FAQS

About the Drone Payo Coin

Q. What is the purpose of the Drone Payo coin offering and movement?

A. To raise $75 Million to be used as capital to fund the internal operations of Drone Workforce Solutions, LLC. The strategy behind the Drone Payo Offering is to drive it’s adoption and usage within the DWS Marketplace Ecosystem as the payment vehicle for all business transactions for goods and services within the marketplace. See question below: How will the value of the Coin increase over time?

Q. Is Drone Payo blockchain technology?

A. Yes. The Drone Payo investment token is built with blockchain technology. Also, the Drone Payo ecosystem will be built utilizing blockchain technology where users will be able to utilize Drone Payo to buy and lease drones, purchase drone services, pay pilots / operators, to do other investments, etc. Drone Payo can be exchanged across all major tokens (e.g. Ethereum, Lite Coin, Bitcoin) on the marketplace.

Q. Is Drone Payo a utility or security coin?

A. Drone Payo is a utility token. When we develop the Drone Payo Ecosystem, Drone Payo will also have a utility component when people exchange the utility token for goods or services offered within the ecosystem.

Q. What is the Drone Payo utility token built on?

A. The Drone Payo Utility Token is built on Ethereum. We are going to develop an ERC20 wallet for investors after the ICO when people can begin exchanging the tokens.

Q. Who are the master node holders? How can one become a master node holder?

A. Drone Payo has no need for master nodes because we facilitate the transfer of coins between parties on our own blockchain at no cost to the user.

Q. Is this a proof of stake coin?

A. No. It is a utility token and will be used as a payment system in the Drone Payo ecosystem and traded over exchanges and its price will be monitored by supply and demand mechanisms in the exchanges and external market forces.

Q. Who does the tech?

A. QME BEAM TECH SPEEDY – Blockchain & Development Agency Team

Assessing The Value and Worth of Drone Payo

Q. Can You Provide a simple explanation of the connection, if any, between the success and profitability of your drone businesses and the value of the Payo token/coin?

This is detailed in the Drone Payo whitepaper – specifically on page 9 – “THE DRONE PAYO MARKETPLACE DRIVES VALUE FOR OUR INVESTORS”.
More support information can be found starting on page 12 of the Drone Payo whitepaper “WHY INVEST IN DRONE PAYO?”.

In short the coin will stand on its own. This is not like a company that has stock and the value of the stock is based on the performance of the company. DWS will help to drive the value of the coin independent from the various training, employment and various technologies. We will use the coin to pay our operators and teachers, have global farmers use the coin to purchase seed, fertilizer, and chemicals, and do business thereby not having to deal with government currency manipulations. Drone Payo is not like Bitcoin.

Q. How does the DWS Drone Training School, the Drone Employment Company and the other global parts of DWS interact affect the value of the Drone Payo coin?

A. This is detailed in the Drone Payo whitepaper – specifically on page 9 – “THE DRONE PAYO MARKETPLACE DRIVES VALUE FOR OUR INVESTORS”: https://dronepayo.com/payo-whitepaper/

Q. Is the Drone Payo coin like a stock share for a company and is its worth tied to the Drone Workforce Solutions company?

A. Drone Payo is a utility token, so it is not like a stock share for a company. The worth of Drone Payo and its assessment is explained in the Drone Payo whitepaper – specifically on page 9 – “THE DRONE PAYO MARKETPLACE DRIVES VALUE FOR OUR INVESTORS”. More support information can be found starting on page 12 of the Drone Payo whitepaper “WHY INVEST IN DRONE PAYO?”:

Q. How will the intrinsic value of Drone Payo be determined in the future?

The real intrinsic value of Drone Payo lies in its utility – it powers the Drone Payo ecosystem. This is explained in the white paper and the graphic representing its utility is on the landing page of Drone Payo. The intrinsic value is visualized there: https://dronepayo.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/ECOSYSTEM-FINAL-NEW-1.jpg.

Additional Notes:
Pleasae refer to the Drone Payo whitepaper – specifically on page 9 – “THE DRONE PAYO MARKETPLACE DRIVES VALUE FOR OUR INVESTORS”. More support information can be found starting on page 12 of the Drone Payo whitepaper “WHY INVEST IN DRONE PAYO?”.

Buying Drone Payo

Q. How do I purchase the Drone Payo Utility Token (aka “DCT”)?

A. Please watch [our explainer video] on how to purchase Drone Payo directly from your account. If you are experiencing difficulties purchasing Drone Payo, please send an email to info@dronepayo.com and we will assist you.

Q. Why is PayPal not letting me purchase the tokens? I am getting an error message and the payment is not going through.

A. – Please use this guide to troubleshoot the error:

1. Make sure that you have entered your card information correctly and try again.

2. If you accidentally entered your card information incorrectly, you may have been locked out of paying through PayPal’s payment gateway and you might get an error message such as, “We’re sorry, but we weren’t able to add this card. Please try a different card.” If you received this error message, please wait 24 hours and try again.

3. Check with your bank / credit card company that your transaction does not exceed the limits set to the card. If you are not sure if you have a limit or what the limit is, try a smaller payment first.

4. Check with your bank / credit card company that the transaction is not being flagged for fraud. It doesn’t hurt to call them to let them know that you will be making a purchase that is not typical of your purchase activity.

5. If after troubleshooting through the methods outlined above your problem is not resolved, please reach out to us directly at info@dronepayo.com and we will try to accommodate you.

Q. Is there a minimum to invest to acquire Drone Payo?

A. Yes, the minimum to invest is USD $100.00 (or its equivalent value in Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin).

Q. What determines the price of Drone Payo?

A. Speaking broadly, right now (as of August, 2019) the price of Drone Payo is a conservative pre-offering price. Drone Payo is designed to power the Drone Payo marketplace. The founders have invested over $1 MM in to developing the DWS drone school and the DWS staffing portal to bring those IPs to life so that they can add value to those who wish to learn about drones, use drones, work with drones, or purchase drones can do so from a trusted network under the DWS umbrella. This is how we qualify the value behind Drone Payo in addition to the value proposition of Drone Payo as a tool to facilitate transactions between drone investors, drone innovators and developers, drone operators, and cross-industry businesses within the Drone Payo Marketplace. DWS has developed many strategic partners that have qualified DWS’s business model, unique value proposition, and market offerings, and support the mission and goal behind DWS and the Drone Payo coin. DWS endeavors to have over 100 strategic acquisition partners over the next 24 months as it grows, matures and develops the drone industry within the DWS ecosystem.

Q. Will Drone Payo ever be pegged to another currency?

A. No, it will not. Drone Payo will have its own value based on market demand and consumer confidence in the value of Drone Payo. The reasoning for this is that we have built out and are powering solutions to support entire countries’ farming, mining and water exploration infrastructures. Drone Payo is a payment solution for thousands of drone operators around the globe. We also plan to use Drone Payo to pay the farmer network and supporting services industries that we are offering these services too. Drone Payo is also being used as a store-of-value revenue engine for our partner businesses. Because of this, we want to ensure that Drone Payo is tied to the market forces that are related to the drone industry and the solutions that drones provide worldwide.

Q. What can I use as currency to purchase Drone Payo?

A. You can buy Drone Payo with the US Dollar, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

Q. Can I continue to buy coins after the initial period (private sale) ends?

A. Absolutely! However, the bonus structure changes at each stage. In a private sale, the bonus is 100%. It reduces to 50% bonus after the private, but before the public ICO. After the ICO, the bonus goes to zero. There is a big advantage to purchase coins now at a private sale because there is a 100% bonus being offered now.

Please note that the rate at which you purchase a Drone Payo coin will change after certain milestones are met and/or dates have passed

Q. Do people who invest in Drone Payo get their own wallets?

A. Yes. You will receive your ERC20 wallet at the closing of the ICO. As of today, when you invest in Drone Payo, we are recording your investment in your account which will then update to your ERC20 wallet at the closing of the ICO. Drone Payo keeps a ledger of how many coins you have bought within the Drone Payo ecosystem and that ledger features what you have right in your account profile.

Q. Will the quantity of the coin be limited? If not, isn’t there the possibility of dilution?

As of now (16 SEP 2019), we intend to limit the quantity of the Drone Payo coins to what they are currently (1.6 billion) so there is no diminution of value.

About “KYC” (Know Your Customer)

Q. How do I do a KYC?

A. Please watch [our explainer video] on how to do a KYC on Drone Payo.

Q. Why do I do “KYC”?

A. It’s important that we do these checks because it protects you as a contributor to the project. In the future, we can’t have regulators saying, “Hey, where are these funds from? If the source is illegitimate, maybe the funds need to be frozen while we investigate.”

The bottom line is we’re doing this not only to protect the project but to protect you, as Drone Payo buyers, from the possibility that anyone could claim these funds aren’t legitimate.


Q. How do you protect our personal information?


1. Encryption is used to store your passwords and any personal or sensitive information you provide.

2. All of our website data is transmitted over encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (i.e., HTTPS).

3. We leverage the content-security policy (CSP) and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) features found in modern browsers.

4. Internal-only sections of our website have separate access controls and are not exposed to the public Internet. This includes the information that you submit for your KYC.

Q. I'm concerned about my privacy. What is your privacy policy?

A. We do not share any information about any user on the platform with third parties and all your information is protected and encrypted. We only store information you provide to us and we only do it when we have your consent.

Referral System / Bounty Program

Q. How do I refer someone?

A. When you log on to Drone Payo, you are taken to your dashboard. Select “My Profile” from the top bar. Once there, look to the right side of the screen where it says “Become an Affiliate and Earn”. In that section there is a link. Copy that link and send that link to people that you wish to refer to Drone Payo.

You can also watch [this explainer video] to see how to refer someone to Drone Payo.

Q. How many coins do I get for referring someone?

A. If you refer someone to Drone Payo and they complete a KYC, create an account on Drone Payo, and purchase Drone Payo coins, you will be awarded five percent (5%) of what they purchase (note this will not affect their balance).

Example: if the person you refer buys 1000 Drone Payo Tokens, you will be awarded 50 Drone Payo Tokens.

Q. How do I know if someone I referred has signed up and purchased Drone Payo?

A. When you log on to Drone Payo, you are taken to your dashboard. Select “My Profile” from the top bar. Once there, look to the bottom of the screen where it says “Your Referral List”. Anyone that you refer that bought Drone Payo will be on this list along with how much you have been awarded for each referral.

Q. If someone I refer purchases Drone Payo and then the person I referredrefers someone else who also purchases Drone Payo, do I get paid for that referral as well?

A. Drone Payo is not a multilevel marketing referral program – you are only rewarded a referral bonus for people that you directly refer that purchase Drone Payo tokens on Drone Payo. If you refer someone and provide them with your link, you get the referral bonus. If the person you referred provides someone else with their referral link, the person you referred gets the referral bonus.

Q. I referred someone but I have not received my bounty yet! How long does it take for the bounty to be sent to my account?

A. Please email info@dronepayo.com with the following information:

1. First and last name of the person you referred
2. The email address of the person you referred.
3. The approximate date that you referred them.

As of 7/31/2019, this process is manually approved. It may take a couple weeks until you see any bounties credited to your Drone Payo balance.

Selling Drone Payo Coins

Q. What is the procedure for selling the coins?

A. Once the token sales stages are finished, we expect the coin to be listed in the exchanges wherein, with market-making activities, our liquidity provider will ensure the volume is maintained and the spread between the bid and offer is maintained to the best levels. At the time of the token listing, the token could be sold for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency.

Q. How do I find out daily how much the coins are worth and how many are sold?

A. There are several exchanges that will tell you the value of the coin in real time – Drone Payo will be listed on CoinMarketCap, Token.com, Token.io, etc.. When Drone Payo coin is listed on those platforms, you will be able to see the value in real time.

Q. Is there a buyback program?

A. As of yet, we are not planning a buyback program. However, we are planning a coin conversion if we decide to do a security token offering (STO) in the future.

Funds Raising and Usage

Q. How will the funds generated by this round of sales of the tokens be used? Will token/coin owners receive any ongoing information regarding the financial operations of the drone businesses and investments?

This is covered in the TOKEN INFORMATION | TOKEN DISTRIBUTION section of the Drone Payo website (you can find this on the landing page in between “Our Solution” and “Roadmap”).

Q. Is there a go/no go capital funding amount that will determine the future of this offering?

No. The amount we raise during the private sale phase and the ICO phase will simply determine how quickly we can grow and develop the Drone Payo ecosystem.


Q. Do you have, and can you share, the name of your legal counsel? Are they advising on the currency and/or the underlying drone business?

Attorney Christine Washington of Washington Trademarks out of NY is our trademark and copyright attorney. She has filed our documents with the US Trademark Office. We are currently interviewing attorneys and law firms that are in the crypto space. We will have someone on board prior to our ICO launch.


Q. What liability insurance does your drone business carry or intend to put in place?

We currently have $3MM of liability insurance. Additionally, all drone operators who perform work for DWS as independent contractors will be required to have insurance. If they perform work under DWS as an employee, we will have insurance on them. All of our corporate partners will require DWS to have insurance to perform work on their property which we will have.

Q. Do you have insurance to replace losses if you are hacked? How do you replace our losses if you are hacked?

A. We have partners such as Coin Payments in place so your contributions are absolutely protected. The money contributed goes directly to bank accounts, so we are not vulnerable to hackers and there won’t be any interest to anyone for hacking us during the sales period.

The Team

Q. Has your management team agreed to remain with the operation for any specified period of time? Are they tied up in the sale of any initial coins that they have or receive?

Our current management team has agreed to remain with the operation for a minimum of one year. We expect to add additional key advisors and management team members as we find additional connected and knowledgeable people. DWS is giving them coins to be on the team although we have not transferred coins or agreed to a set number yet.

Future Plans for Drone Payo

Q. What are your plans for global adoption?

A. We want to facilitate the drone industry through Drone Payo for all services and needs that exist in the drone industry. We are planning to connect users, buyers, lenders, manufacturers, and others related to the drone industry through the Drone Payo token and the Drone Payo ecosystem. We will be introducing blockchain-based global certifications and a digital ledger system for all records of sales, services, parts, development / manufacturing, and technology.
We will bring in the branding and recognition of certified drone operators and drive global adoption by enveloping the entire drone industry into the Drone Payo ecosystem.

Q. What exchanges will you be using to trade Drone Payo?

As of the time of this entry (16 SEP 2019), we have some exchanges in mind, but we aren’t there yet in terms of what exchanges we will ultimately be trading on. We will begin to look at exchanges after the initial ICO phase is complete.

Q. What tools can I use to buy and sell Drone Payo over the years?

After the ICO raise, we will have a trading platform on Drone Payo that will allow users to buy and sell Drone Payo tokens. As of today, people can only buy tokens on Drone Payo.

DWS Related Questions

Q. Is your GPS and critical drone business systems intellectual property protected? Is it licensed only to you?

There are currently other companies that have GPS systems, many used in the logistics are for use on ships. Our GPS has been developed only for our company and only for our operators while performing drone operations for our DWS clients. We decided rather than use an existing GPS system, we would develop our own so we will not be controlled by any company.

Q. Can you share how many drone pilots and drone customers have signed up to receive work from your company to date?

Currently (as of 16 SEP 2019) we have about 100. It will not be the number but the quality and experience of the operators which will be the key to our success. We analogize it to the Special Forces in the armed services. A hundred of the best operators who can perform work globally will be our key to success and our brand. No customers have signed up to date on the portal. However, we have been approved by Exelon, from Chicago, is the largest utility company in the country, American Water from Camden, NJ, is one of the largest water pipe installation companies I the world. We are busy connecting to other companies to introduce the opportunity drone technology can provide to clients in many industries.

Q. Who are the competitors to your drone business now? Are there a competitors to the drone marketplace aspect of the business?

This question is multifaceted. “Drone Payo” is an ecosystem as well as a representation of the whole drone industry under a single umbrella. Each individual segment of the Drone Payo ecosystem has many competitors:

<> there are many drone operators. There are currently 225,000 FAA certified commercial drone operators. There are about no more than 8 drone companies in the country employing drone operators but no one company is anywhere close to dominating the space because the industry is in its infancy stages which is great for our company to get its share of business.

<> there are many places to buy and lease drones. Drone Nerds from Florida is the largest drone and drone equipment retailer in the country.

<> there is drone training going on. On-line training to pass the FAA exam but with no in-field training in how to fly drones and operate a camera. Colleges have gotten into the game but have no relationships to get graduates jobs. DWS has a training school only geared to drone technology and a corresponding staffing and employment company. In the workforce development arena our goal is to be the “Premier” drone vetting company for operators for corporate america and governments. There is no company that is a drone vetting company. We have a full back-end that vets the operators experience, drone equipment and all personal information, etc.

<> there are many people interested in investing in drone companies, products, supplies and research and the various applications in all types of industries, from agriculture to safety and security to medicine delivery and other deliveries. All outlined in the white paper. Lots of VC money being invested. For example, $21 Billion in drone cameras alone.

However, the concept of bringing the whole drone industry into a single ecosystem and have that live somewhere specific is unique. The Drone Payo ecosystem was created because there wasn’t a single place where someone could go and find a single location to interact with “all things drone”. Nobody is doing this. I analogize this part to a mutual fund that invests solely in all kinds of technologies created by individuals and start up companies that can be used with drones.