Nathan Albertelli

Advisory & Board Member


Nathan Albertelli is the Co-Founder of MyQme LLC, the managing organization behind QmeSpotlight, Qme Local and the Numiix cryptocurrency, Cliiimb, Fund A Homework, and other organizations managed and operated by the “Qme Business Ecosystem”.  He is responsible for the operational framework of the businesses and IPs within the Qme Business Ecosystem. With over 10 years of business and technology research experience, he has applied his business acumen and academic knowledge towards the crafting, business process and application, and market deployment of all of MyQme LLC’s IPs.  His day-to-day is focused on the process of how to apply the “solutions oriented” mission of MyQme LLC and the Qme Business Ecosystem to businesses, governments, and people worldwide. Nathan is driven by the idea that small businesses are the epicenter of all world commerce and that everyone should have a chance to be able to make a living from their own skills and talent without being reliant upon an organization for employment.  He aims to educate and empower local communities to build and buy local and encourage self-sustaining local markets that trade and create value for a continually growing and increasingly integrated world market. His graduate degree is an MBA, and his undergraduate degree is in anthropology.


2013 to Present
Co-Founder / Managing Partner, Qme Business Ecosystems
2008 to 2013
Small Business Consultant - Self Employed
2006 to 2009
MBA, Marketing / International Business, Montclair State University
2004 to 2006
Bachelors, Anthropology, Montclair State University
Manager of Staffing, Health Partner Plans


Small business building and development95%
Intellectual property design and deployment85%
Preparing companies to meet with and solicit investors for funding100%
Research and systemization of business processes and procedures100%
Ensuring effective and efficient operations oversight90%

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