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Blockchain Solutions & Consulting I Marketing I Development


Location: United States & London, United Kingdom
STO, ICO & IEO architecture planning
Helping startups and SMBs in any capacity whether raising capital, or opening access to connections & providing technology solutions with our expertise in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AR, VR & Machine Learning


♦️ Blockchain, Crowdsales/Fund Raising & Cryptocurrency Solutions
♦️ Custom Software Solutions
♦️ AR, VR & MR Solutions
♦️ IoT Applications
♦️ Mobile/Web Applications
♦️ Creative Websites
♦️ Engaging Web Content, Blogs, Articles
♦️ Digital Marketing

We help organisations grow by combining Digital Technologies with market intelligence.

Other Expertise:

Schema design for Wallet
Wallet Contract for ERC 20 holding
Token Smart Contract code
User auth (2FA, TOTP server calls)
Database schema design

Application Frontend:

User Flow
UI Screens
UX Design
HTTP Connections
Socket for updates

Admin Panel:

Backend for Admin
Role Management
Reports Generation
Support System backend
Token Launch Platform

Platform for token launch along website
Crowdsale contract
Matching engine
Token Sale stage design
Admin panel connection
Cold and Hot wallet connect

Full Node Setup:

Ethereum full node setup
Payment method setup
Hot and Cold wallet design
API methods
Secure Middleware connections

Project Codelab: Node JS, React JS (Native)


Blockchain Consulting95%
ICO/STO Advisory85%
ICO/STO Marketing100%
Blochchain Based Application100%
Developement 100%
Creative & Media Development100%
IEO Launch 90%

Contact Info for Blockchain and Development Agency

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Website: https://qmespotlight.com