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Online software for aerial imagery analytics using AI to provide intelligence for better agriculture.

Welcome to the intuitive agricultural sensing and drone analysis platform for drone operators, growers, and agronomists. We provide actionable insights that lead to sustainable production, higher yields, and lower production costs.

Project owner / Creator

NAME/TITLE:Milan Dobrota, Founder and CEO
Location:Belgrade, Serbia

We enable drone operators to help farmers monitor and manage their crops per field, throughout the season.  By provision of an early insight into a visualized, user-friendly, geo-referenced map of a field, we analyze and provide a full range of stats: plant counting, plant health tools and stress detectors that enable precise yield increase and increase of overall profit.



Employing innovative rules-based reasoning and combining aerial imaging with input data, plant counter accurately counts plants and determine stand establishment from drone extracted images, including different angle orientation plant rows.


Assess, prevent and correct the overall state and damage level of the crops throughout the season. Range of analyses and reports developed to monitor plant health levels and to detect and prevent plant stress and damage from different factors.


Simple, intuitive way to monitor crops and results of applied measures on your fields over time. Fully equipped with tools, Agremo is developed for accessing all your scans, reports and data, allowing you to monitor your fields throughout the season.

Problem To Solve

Agremo’s vision is to make agriculture better and more in line with what today’s technology has to offer. We want drone operators, agricultural consultants and producers, as well as insurance companies to achieve higher outputs by using high-end technology that’s easy to use, easy to grasp and easy to run.

To make this happen, we developed a data processing solution that will turn drone-collected images of agricultural sites into actionable and accurate data. Instead of scouting fields on foot and guessing what could be going on, you can now collect aerial footage and conduct one of the Agremo analysis reports, which will tell you exactly how your crop is progressing. You’ll be able to see the whole picture – faster, more precise and more accurate than traditional methods.


Our Process

For us, the agrifood value chain is a cooperative effort between farmers, land and crop specialists and drone operators who join efforts to maximize goods and services and enable highest yields and increased profits.

  • Collect Data - Collect aerial data and images. Any kind of drone (UAV) will do – fixed wing & multirotor
  • Generate Maps - Generate 2D maps from collected areal data. We recommend DroneDeploy.
  • Analyze Images - Analyze images with powerful algorithms and obtain results. Our reports are comprehensive & easy to understand.
  • Manage Fields - Manage your fields and scans throughout the season. Personalize your reports, collaborate and share data with anyone.


So far, we’ve successfully analyzed more than 50 crop types for more than 1,500 users in over 40 countries all over the world. Together, we made amazing things happen:

  • Increased yields thanks to early and accurate crop insights;
  • Time and money savings due to precise and effective pest control measures;
  • Fruitful management decisions that are based on facts rather than estimates;
  • Accurate crop data that allows proper and professional planning with fewer costs and better results.
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