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Drone Staffing Portal

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Whether you are a drone pilot or you need a drone pilot for a project, DWS offers the resources you need to secure what you need from this industry.

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Location:Wilmington, DE

We specialize in connecting the right people with the right skills to the jobs that need them. DWS pilots can take pride in the fact that they were recruited, validated and selected, and not just another name added to a growing list of un-vetted operators. DWS customers can feel confident that pilots chosen for the work they need accomplished have been hand-picked for their needs. Everyday business challenges can be solved in new and more efficient ways through the use of drone technology and our team of pilots is extremely well equipped to help our customers accomplish their goals. At Drone Workforce Solutions, we aim to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs, businesses, and other organizations perform their operations so they can achieve a higher level of success.


Hand-picking only those operators with advanced skill sets and a trusted history of work within this industry, we have developed a resource like no other out there. The vast majority of drone pilot networks want to build numbers and claim that they have the largest organization. Our philosophy is different. We believe our customers want proper service and the best deliverable possible from our team. This is exactly how we intend to serve to you.

Problem To Solve

“Why Fly A Drone?”  At a time when the aviation field is reinventing itself, picking up a drone has never been a more exciting (or profitable) endeavor. Executives across the country see small unmanned aircrafts as a key strategy to enhance their businesses and stay competitive.  Drones are helping big box retailers keep track of the inventory in their warehouses while real estate companies are using the technology to create more vibrant footage to advertise their properties. Insurance adjusters and utility companies are investing in drones to inspect infrastructure and equipment. Farmers are taking advantage of the technology to help them produce a better crop yield. The potential for new career opportunities is unlimited. In fact, the commercial drone market was valued at $3.4 billion dollars in 2014 but it is projected to reach at least $21 billion dollars by 2021. To top it off, leading manufacturers are releasing newer, more advanced drone models capable of doing things that were considered just a pipe dream a few years ago. Drone Workforce Solutions is here to help you get your start in this rapidly-developing industry.


Our Process

Drone Workforce Solutions has created an efficient and innovative drone operators onboarding process with the launch of ”The Premier” DWS Drone Global Employment and Staffing Company for providing vetted and certified drone operators to Fortune 1000 firms, governmental agencies, universities, and public safety organizations.  An important component of the launch is the Global Drone Pilot Portal to help provide significant and sustainable jobs in drone technology to global partners and cross-industry projects. This “first of its kind” drone world portal provides fully vetted and FAA Part 107 certified commercial pilots and uses our proprietary administrative backend that allows us to match drone operators with projects going on around the world.

  • Connectivity across payments networks
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Real-time traceability of funds
  • Low operational and liquidity costs


  • Once approved through DWS’s stringent vetting process, “Certified Drone Operators” (CDO’s) are available for short term and part time assignments anywhere around the world.
  • Drone Pilots are directly connected with businesses that are looking to hire professional,  fully vetted and FAA Part 107 certified drone pilots for their job sites. Businesses will not have to scour the web to find qualified drone pilots for specific business projects.  Once hired, drone pilots and the hiring businesses are continuously connected via a start-to-finish management interface – ensuring a transparent and positive experience for both the drone operator and the hiring business.
  • The employment of thousands of drone operators, hundreds of drone application developers, data editing professionals, application technologists and data analytics engineers, among other jobs.
  • AI-created portfolio
  • Ease of use and setup
  • Token value grows
  • Automatic payouts
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